Our Services

Custom Embedded Software Development

We have the expertise to design and build embedded firmware for any custom products and end to end systems. We have many years of experience in programming multi core ARM processors, DSPs and other microcontrollers. We implemented communication protocols, data acquisition systems, configuration tools and remote interfaces.

We can dedicate a SCRUM team to work with your experts in designing and developing your product. In this collaboration, we will maintain constant communication with your Software Architects to make sure that the product we develop will be in alignment with your overall portfolio architecture. You will own the backlog of work (product features) and we will ensure consistent collaboration in prioritizing and executing the work required to complete the product.

Smartphone & Tablet Application Development

Bring your ideas, and we will set up a team to build your dream application.  We can build any sort of application that can interact and communicate with other services on the cloud. We can also create applications that can communicate and collect data from any embedded systems using standard or custom protocols.

Agile Software Engineering Professional Services

If you are working on a software development project and find yourself in need of some external resources, we can provide additional team(s) to work on the project together with your existing teams and stakeholders. All our teams will be coached and aligned with the strategy, processes and tools used by the rest of the organization. We have in house coaches that can train and coach teams the principles and best practices and tools used in Agile Software Engineering.

I like the picture below but I took it from the internet. I would like to emphasize the team collaboration by using something similar.

Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery Pipeline

We can bring in a team of professionals that will work closely with your experts and help them design and build your DevOps pipeline. We can then train the entire organization and coach them on the usage and benefits of using the DevOps mindset and best practices for improving performance.

Agile Coaching

We can provide coaching on Agile Practices to entire teams and/or individuals in your organization. We can bring in coaches that can work with any stakeholders and/or teams and coach them so that they can understand and embrace the Agile principles and best practices.

Our coaches have many years of experience working with teams in adopting Agile Frameworks in software development. We are very proficient with various Agile Frameworks and can recommend and help teams embrace frameworks that make sense and eliminate frictions and activities that create delays in your organization.

Cloud Hosted Systems

We have the expertise of Designing, Building and Deploying applications/systems hosted in the cloud. We can interface them with any IoT systems and other 3rd party cloud services as specified in your requirements.

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