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Agile Software Development

Xaby Tech Labs

At Xaby Tech Labs, we have experts in Software Engineering and Agile methodologies. We design and build high quality software in an Agile environment. We have expertise in real time embedded software design and development, and mobile app design and development for voice and video communication products, video processing systems, automotive systems and IoT products.

We fully embrace and live the Agile principles in everything that we do. We want to design and build high quality software for products that we can be proud of, whilst maintaining a successful and healthy collaboration with everyone involved throughout each project.

Our Services

Custom Embedded Software Development

Design and build custom embedded firmware for any custom products and end to end systems.

Smartphone and Tablet Application Development

Build your dream application. We can build any sort of application that can interact and communicate with other services on the cloud.

Agile Software Engineering Professional Services

We can provide additional teams to work on the project together with your existing teams and stakeholders.

Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery

We can bring in a team of professionals that will work closely with your experts and help them design and build your DevOps pipeline.

Agile Coaching

We can bring in coaches that can work with any stakeholders and/or teams and coach them so that they can understand and embrace the Agile principles and best practices.

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